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About the Chamber

The American Chamber of Commerce in Sri Lanka founded in 1992, brings together over 400 members representing over 260 leading Sri Lankan and American companies based in Sri Lanka, including top Fortune 500 companies and companies representing Fortune 500 companies.

AmCham provides members with a platform for exchange of ideas and for identifying trade and investment opportunities with both the private and government sectors in Sri Lanka, in the Asia-Pacific region and in the United States. The Chamber has a number of committees covering a wide spectrum of commercial and industrial business activities. Each committee serves as a forum for discussing common interests and issues, as well as for taking initiative and action for improving trade and investment between Sri Lanka and the U.S.

The Chamber maintains close relationships with decision-makers from the U.S. and Sri Lankan Governments, trade bodies, the Embassy of the United States in Sri Lanka, national and regional Chambers of Commerce, and many other relevant institutions both in Sri Lanka and U.S.A.

The Chamber is an accredited member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce - the largest business federation in the United States, representing the interests of over 3 million U.S. companies which act as AmCham’s voice in Washington D.C. on trade & investment related policies. AmCham is also a member of the Asia-Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce (APCAC) an umbrella organization representing 29 American Chambers of Commerce throughout the Asia-Pacific region, with access to all their services and privileges.

Why Join AmCham?

AmCham Sri Lanka provides significant benefits to its members in a number of ways. These include regular opportunities for interaction and networking with other members of the business community, as well as officials from the U.S. Embassy (Sri Lanka), international business links via trade delegations, US Trade Fairs and information sharing between other AmChams in the region. In addition, AmCham publishes a quarterly newsletter, 'AmCham News', along with a comprehensive annual membership directory.

AmCham acts as a strong and influential voice for advocating the commercial interests of its members. The Chamber supports member companies by helping them to conduct business freely, facilitating contacts and dialogue with both the Sri Lankan and U.S. Governments and allied institutions.

For example, the Chamber participates in the annual Washington 'Door knock', an opportunity for the Chamber delegation to visit with U.S. government officials on Capitol Hill and discuss issues pertaining to the Chamber, as well as the country. Relationships are also maintained with the Sri Lankan Ministries of Finance and Trade and Commerce, the Board of Investment, the Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers (APCAC) and the US Chamber of Commerce.