By present, apparel manufacturers from around the world are struggling with visibility
over inbound POs, supplier collaboration, and real-time visibility into logistics disruptions
within global supply chains (e.g., China port disruptions, Ukraine-Russia conflict, and
commodity issues).
AmCham Sri Lanka & Kavida, a UK supply chain technology company, provides
tools for collaboration, communication, and data-driven insights; to ensure full visibility
and to take control of your inbound raw material POs, have together, designed an
engagement that will bring together the Apparel industry, to discuss the challenges,
impact, and most importantly, the solutions to the supply chain disruptions on your
business continuity. As initiative steps a webinar on ‘Building a Resilient Sourcing
Strategy with Resilient Sri Lanka  facilitated by AMCHAM SL’ was hosted on the 20 th of
October 2022 inclusive of a well-versed panel of corporate figures.

Please view the webinar on: