Re-Inventing Business to Survive the Storm – The Basic Blue Print of an Innovative Company

By Revan Weerasinghe 

In the midst of both Covid 19 and a severe economic downturn the country also has to face an age-old problem that is coming to fruition. That is the problem of being relevant in an ever changing, extremely competitive global market place. For the longest time Sri Lanka has been an exporter of tea, rubber, coconut, spices, textiles and precious stones. Whilst Sri Lanka has excelled and gained a reputation internationally for excellence in these areas, these products are increasingly becoming out-priced in the global market place as countries like………

Contracts & Compliance

By Kuvera de Zoysa PC

Although the economic fallout following a global crisis is itself “global”, the relief available to a contracting party depends mainly on the law governing the contract. The main concern of any party to a contract in current times is……

COVID 19 Global Economic Fallout and Country Measures

By Ms Anushka Wijesingha

Disruptions to supply chains, demand, international trade flows, and travel, along with lockdowns and collapsing stock prices, resulting from the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) have dealt a heavy blow to the global economy…..

Examination of Locus Standi of the EFC Tripartite

By Mr. A. Rohan Dunuwille & Mr. Rhadeena de Alwis

Is the ‘Agreement’ between the Minister of Labor, The Employers’ Federation of Ceylon and other Unions valid in Law?…..

Hacking isn’t canceled nor are Hackers in lockdown

By Mr. Sujit Christy

As users tackling the new-normal, relies on their home broadband networks or mobile connectivity for official interactions, have prompted a surge in cyberattacks including phishing scams and spam over the past three weeks as the hackers have realized…..

Loan Guarantees – An Idea to Explore

By Mr. Ravi Ratnasabapathy

Engaging in the new-normal pondering on how to proceed on prioritizing ‘Rescuing & Preserving the productive capacity’ of the economy…..

Pay cuts, Lay-off and Furloughs – A Sri Lankan Legal Perspective

By Mr. Rohan A. Dunuwille

In Sri Lanka, unlike most countries, the Employment Laws are stringent and designed to protect the interests of the employees as well as the employers and are governed by a series of Statues and Regulations. Employers in Sri Lanka, ranging from manufacturing to hospitality, import – export…………

EWMI & AmCham SL Report on the Public Perceptions of Bribery & Corruption in Sri Lanka (2020)

A study conducted by Verité Research was motivated by the recognition that understanding the public’s perception of corruption, as well as their confidence in the institutions that are available to combat corruption, are essential to developing effective anti-corruption strategies…..

Artificial Intelligence & Automation in a post pandemic world

By Dr. Romesh Ranawana

The economic realities of a post pandemic world will most likely lead to a more concerted effort to utilize these recent technological advancements to solve some of the pressing problems faced by these organizations. Overall, industries will look at what they can do to mitigate the impact……