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Applications for membership can be obtained and submitted online. Applications are open throughout the year and can be submitted to the AmCham Sri Lanka Board of Directors for approval at each month’s Board Meeting.

Requirements for the Application:

  • Three passport size photographs of the representative of the company (one in digital format – Minimum resolution of 300dpi);
  • Brief summary description of your organization’s main activities (note: the contents of the Objects Clause stated in the Articles of Association of your company is acceptable);
  • A letter of recommendation from an existing AmCham Sri Lanka Member (note: if you are unable to procure a letter of recommendation from an existing member, we will set up an interview with the Board Member in charge of Memberships and obtain a letter of recommendation on completion of an interview);
  • Copy of the Company Incorporation Certificate;
  • Copy of previous year’s Audited Financial Accounts (or past quarter in the event you are a newly incorporated company);

A letter from the Company Secretary validating the Current US Equity Investment, if any (Not required for affiliate membership).

Membership Application Form

Membership Application Form

Additional Membership Application Form

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